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Covid Related 


"One of our staff members tested positive while working in our restaurant.  This could have been a major problem as our customers want a safe place to come and eat.  So, we immediately called the people at The Steam King Pros.  They were fast, efficient and reliable.  I called on Monday and they were out to my restaurant the same day.  They steam cleaned the entire restaurant and we were able to reopen safely for our customers the next day." 

- Henry David, Client

Auto Cleaning


"We have been using The Steam King Pros for some time to clean our cars before we hand them over to our customers.  The Steam King Pros effectively clean our exteriors, interiors and engines better than we could ever do it.  They have wonderful service, are flexible and we are never disappointed.  The Steam King Pros for sure have made a positive impact on our sales." 

- Isabel Ryan, Client


Green Cleaning


"Being careful of the environment in the 21st Century is a priority for our clients.  That is, in our pre-school we want to ensure that our children have a learning environment that is safe so they can learn effectively.  Further, our parents require that our facility has the cleanest environment so that when they bring their children to school, there is no concern about safety.  The Steam King Pros make this happen for us.  I recommend them without reservation." 

- Jennifer Ramos, Client

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